Whether it’s CrossFit or a combination of CrossFit with another discipline, like Weightlifting, we have the programs to fit your needs.


The staple — the reason this gym was founded. Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. (You will never get bored, performing movements that your body is made to do, at a kick-ass level). CrossFit is for everyone and we will teach you how to scale the intensity of the workouts depending on your ability. There are a variety of “goal specific” classes we offer in our CrossFit membership including Gymnastics, Strongman, endurance, and high-skill/competitors classes.

Trojan Weightlifting  

This program is for those athletes looking to train and compete in the sport of Weightlifting. Specialty programming and training is included. Trojan is a sanctioned weightlifting club through USAW. With national level USAW certified coaching.

Cardio Assault  - formally trojanfit

Cardio Assault offers a dynamic, functional fitness training program consisting of light weight, high intensity interval training and metabolic conditioning. You will learn the fundamentals of eating to perform and will be tested constantly on stamina, agility, speed and endurance. The ultimate goal is a well conditioned body. Cardio Assault is a constantly varied full body workout that will challenge your body and mind. No heavy barbells. Just sweat. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

CrossFit Basic Training

Our goal is to prepare you for CrossFit by skill development in the fundamental movements with an emphasis in technique and safety. The Basic Training program progresses in difficulty and intensity so you will be prepared and have an idea of what a CrossFit class involves.