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Darren Shepherd

darren-crossfit-gym-personal-trainingCrossFit has translated well beyond the gym walls for me. It has become my lifestyle – the constant pursuit of excellence. What separates CrossFit from the other driving factors in my life, however, are the incredible relationships and camaraderie that inherently come with this experience. It’s a program that brings together all walks of life – and thrives off it. With the sole requirement being the will to succeed, CrossFit is truly for anyone who is willing to try.

I could not be prouder to be a coach here at Trojan Crossfit. I take that responsibility very seriously. Each passing day at the gym is an opportunity for our athletes to become not only fitter, mentally and physically, but to become better people. This is why we call ourselves ‘coaches’, and we hold that title proud.

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Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L2)
CrossFit Scaling Course Certified
Crossfit Judge
USAW – Club Coach
USAW Certified Referee
USADA – Certified
Safe Sport Certified

Rich Munton


Rich Munton was born and raised in New Zealand. Growing up as an aspiring stunt double, he studied a large variety of martial arts, fought competitively and played rugby, and most other sports through high school. When moving to Los Angeles after college he found Crossfit and began to apply himself to the sport and methodology.

Rich Munton is a competitive athlete and coach that is not only a passionate certified Crossfit trainer, but is dedicated to seeing his clients achieve their goals and exceed their expectations.

His extensive experience of over 4+ years as an undefeated competitive fighter, and 12+ years of martial arts training (Shan Shou, MMA, Zen do Kai, Krav Maga) give him the foundation of knowledge of the human body and how to push one’s limits to achieve their full potential in fitness. Rich also has a history of stunt training and toured with Toronto based company The Arts Engine as stunt coordinator for 6 months, performing shows nationally. Rich is believes in and pushes his clients to be all they can be and challenge themselves in their fitness goals.


CF-L2 Trainer

Matt Bosack


Matt is a coach for Trojan Weightlifting. When he’s not training or coaching, he actively competes in both CrossFit and Weightlifting.

As an Army brat, Matt grew up all over the world. He was a three-sport athlete in high school where he ran cross-country, wrestled, and played baseball. Fitness continued to be very important in college and beyond, but after doing the globo-gym routine for years, he wanted a change.

After his first CrossFit workout, he was hooked. Getting into CrossFit was a life-changing experience, and now he wants to share that with everyone. He genuinely believes that every person – no matter their age, size, or athletic ability – can benefit from CrossFit, and he applies that passion in his coaching.

CrossFit is how Matt was first introduced to Weightlifting, and his interest in the sport grew quickly. He trained under the fine coaches at Waxman’s Gym in Lawndale, California, and advanced his knowledge further through seminars and training camps with some of the world’s greatest coaches and weightlifters, including Zygmunt Smalcerz, Ilya Ilyin, Dmitry Klokov, Vasily Polovnikov, Oksana Slivenko, and Vladirmir Safonov. Having learned under the Russian system of weightlifting, he applies those foundations and core concepts in the training and programs created for Trojan Weightlifting.


CF-L2 Trainer
USAW – Club Coach

Anna Maguire


For Anna, fitness and sports have always been a part of her life. She grew up a gymnast, and through high school, she continued to compete in gymnastics while also running track. But it was in 2014, while she was attending university when she fell in love with CrossFit and Weightlifting. As an athlete, she’s performed well, placing in local CrossFit competitions as well as competing in the USAW Under-25 National Championships for Weightlifting in the 58kg weight class after qualifying in only her first USAW sanctioned meet.

Anna’s passion for Crossfit has grown beyond simply competing, though. After receiving her CrossFit Level 1 Certification, she has applied that passion for coaching and helping others reach their fitness goals.


CF-L1 Trainer

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