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What is the Crossfit open?

What makes CrossFit work is, it can be measured. How? We perform benchmark workouts at our box throughout the year (1 – rep back squat max, Fran, DT, and Cindy). The CrossFit Open is a test of work capacity to compare yourself with your peers around the world and to compare how you did last year.  How is the open performed?

There will be 5 workouts spread over 5 weeks. Crossfit HQ usual announce the workouts Thursday night at 5 pm PST. You have until Monday at 5 pm PST to submit your results.

The purpose of the open is to find the fittest people in their regions or now states. It can add meaning to your training by giving something to train for and getting everyone you train with to push themselves a little harder. The open is usually a time when many people hit new milestones because of the environment it creates. Everyone reach within themselves more. It can be your first pull-up or a first handstand walk but for many it the first time. The open is done with a judge so everyone in your gym has to follow the same standards and reps. It usually is an eye-opener. It brings a new purpose to your training and is motivating for most people by giving them new goals on how to improve themselves.

Why signup? It can be a rough reality check for a lot of people who sandbag workouts and cherry pick classes and coast along and wonder why they are not improving. Also, think about the times you wrote Rx next your name where you didn’t really following the standards and miss counted some reps and finish with similar times with people who had perfect form and did every rep. When you are a judge in the open, you can see how the little differences in lack of range of motion and miss reps cause. When the same person who finished with a time close you beats now by minutes or more. It will hopefully make you better. This is also a fun way to feel what it is like to compete. Maybe after the open, you will be more motivated to sign up for some local comps, a great to keep your training going. Lastly, think about the Open as a simple snapshot of your fitness at one point in time. It is easy to say no just like it is easy to find an excuse not to go to the gym. This may be just the catalyst you need to keep your training going.

If you are new to CrossFit you still can do the open. It is designed for everyone. Just as it is a great motivation for an experienced crossfitter it is great to get you excited to start crossfitting. Everyone can do it – all ages. Go to  and register today. Once it is done you will have the best logbook on where you need to improve. This is a good way to use these results to set new goals and be realistic in what you can do. Remember you are doing to improve yourself.

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