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A) Amrap 15
Run 200m
7 Squat Snatch 115/85
7 Front Squats 115/85

Box Briefing:

Muscle Up Monday Workshop!

We have just started our Muscle Up workshop for 4 weeks. 3 Weeks left and already after just one session we had multiple people achieving their first muscle ups. We are also utilising the Power Monkey “Ring Thing” which is a huge help for athletes when learning muscle ups.
2 coaches will be on hand to manage athletes at all levels. For the hopeful 1st time muscle up-er to the advanced athlete who is seeking to refine their technique.
We do have one prerequisite for this course. Athletes attending must have at least 3 consecutive strict pull ups. The key factor for this being that we want to keep everyone safe and attempting muscle ups does require a certain amount of shoulder strength.
Also as this is a 4 week workshop that we want committed individuals to attend there is a small cost of $10 per session.
Hope to see you there! And cant wait to see many of you doing muscles ups in the very near future.

The Crossfit Open begins February 23rd

This is a chance for everyone in our community at Trojan to join in the Crossfit community all around the world. For 5 weeks, Crossfit HQ will post 1 work out each week and we can all sign up and have a chance to complete the workout and compare our scores against the rest of the world.
We will be hosting a Friday Night Lights event during this time where we can all get together and complete workouts. There are both RX and Scaled Divisions and we encourage everyone to sign up and be a part of the fun!

To register go to https://games.crossfit.com/

Stay strong,

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