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15 KBS 53/35
10 Box Jump Overs 24/20
8 Thrusters 115/80


*****BOX BRIEFING ******

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Things coming up at Trojan!…

Skillz class

Wednesday Nights from 8:30-9pm

This class will focus on those intermediate to advanced skills that require more time and attention to really master. This includes Muscle-ups, butterfly pull-ups, barbell cycling, handstands, rope climbs.

Body Fat Test 

On Sunday, May 21st, we are having the Hydrostatic Body Composition Test Truck at our facility to give our members the opportunity to get their body fat tested. Testing costs $49, and you will be presented with a detailed report and analysis of your body composition as well as your individual Resting Metabolic Rate and a breakdown of your target weight and how much fat loss or muscle gained you need to achieve it.

Thank you!

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