We offer several programs to fit your individual fitness needs.

We have free parking lot


CrossFit Membership (Unlimited): $219.00/month 


CrossFit Membership  (Unlimited): Hero + Student discount $165/month 

  1. Student Discount: for enrolled students; proof of enrollment required ($165.00/month)
  2. The Hero Discount: for Law Enforcement, and Military; proof of service is required  ($165.00/month)


  DTLAW (Downtown LA Weightlifting): $219.00/month 

This program is for those athletes looking to train and compete more exclusively in Weightlifting. This gets you access to all classes and weightlifting programming with specialized training at various times throughout the week.


TrojanFit Membership: $150/month   – includes Cardio Assault Am Classes

This program is for anyone looking for a lot of sweat but not a lot of weight without barbells. It consists of light weight, high-intensity interval training and metabolic conditioning with the ultimate goal being a well conditioned body. No experience necessary!  Please refer to schedule to see which classes this program includes


****All Crossfit, DTLAW and TrojanFit membership includes Open Gym to use at your convenience  when we are open**************



Class Package’s – all are good for 1 year from time of Purchase


5-pack $115
10-pack $215
15-pack $300
20-pack $350
25-pack $425 


Each can be used for any of the classes offered on our schedule.


Drop-In (one class visit)

Drop-in anytime from out of town or across town you are welcome to join us. Please show up 10 Min before class time.

$25/class or a $30.00 T-Shirt. Contact us about extended stays.


Other Programs:

CrossFit Private Basic Training: $399 for 6 classes. Or $199 for 3 Classes  1 on 1 Basic Training with a Coach, flexible schedule.

Basic Training is for anyone that is new or wants  to get reacquainted with  CrossFit with no or little  prior experience. All are levels welcome! Group basic training is included with membership. There are 3 classes check schedule for dates and times under crossfit





FREE PARKING in our private lot is included in all memberships! Street parking in the Arts District is free as well.